GPASEABOTS Launches an Automation and Hybridization Technology for Recreational Boats

GPASEABOTS, a company of the GPAINNOVA group specializing in naval robotics, presented last Wednesday the first automation and hybridization technology for recreational boats. This new solution, marketed as UYS (Unmanned Yacht System), makes it possible to automate the handling of any yacht or boat for recreational use through an autopilot system. In addition, thanks the use of two electric motors, it is possible to increase the autonomy of the ship, if combined with a conventional motor, or to achieve a navigation based on clean energy and zero emissions (ZE), which also makes its use completely silent.

This is How the UYS Technology Works

The hybridization and automation of the UYS technology in the integration in the boat of the following components:

  • Two electric motors

  • High-capacity battery system

  • Long range remote control

  • Centimeter precision autopilot

  • Full HD real-time front and rear camera

  • Anti-collision sensor

The UYS system has been jointly developed by the engineers at GPASEABOTS and by the company POWER INNOTECH, a start-up specialized in high-performance electronic solutions and acquired by GPAINNOVA in November 2020. The work has been carried out entirely at the facilities of the business group in Barcelona.

Advantages of the Hybridization and Automation Technology

The implementation of the technology provides several advantages over the solutions currently provided by naval robotics:

  • Significantly improves the ease of use of common boats, either by using an intuitive control or a smartphone

  • Silent and eco-friendly navigation, if the electric motors are used

  • Increases autonomy, if the combustion engine is preserved

  • High autonomy electric motors (up to 5 hours)

  • High precision and optimized autopilot

  • Possibility of piloting the boat without a crew, in the case of the countries where the law allows it.

In order to fully adapt to the needs of users, GPASEABOTS offers two options to access this automation and hybridization technology: requesting the above-mentioned kit installation in a recreational boat owned by the client, or even order the production of a new boat, which will be delivered with all the components already integrated (coming soon). Those interested can request more information on automation and hybridization technology here. To drive the resulting vehicle, it is necessary to have a Skipper of Recreational Craft card, in accordance with the current legislation.


Created in Barcelona in May 2019 as a spin-off of the technology company GPAINNOVA, GPASEABOTS focuses its activity on the development of solutions based on naval robotics, such as smart buoys for the filtration of microplastics, or USV´s (Unmanned Surface Vehicles) suitable for sheltered waters.

Depending on the integrated instruments or accessories, USVs can carry out work in the fields of cartography, hydrology, water analysis, marine rescue, surveillance and water cleaning. Its use also allows access to restricted areas, that are dangerous, or difficult to navigate. Currently, it markets aquatic drones such as the SB 100 PRO, the most versatile multitasking USV on the market; the SB 100 Multipro, the smallest platform capable of incorporating a Wassp S3 multibeam echo sounder, and the SB 100 Cleaner, designed for cleaning waters in commercial ports.

In 2020 and 2021, GPASEABOTS has installed more than a hundred buoys on various beaches in Catalonia and Castelló, to study their status, and thus contribute to the conservation of the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean coast.

In 2019, a few months after its creation, GPASEABOTS was awarded the Sustainability Award at the 2019 Design and Innovation Out of Series Awards, organized by the Spanish publishing group Unidad Editorial, and the second award from the Nautic Tech International Investment Forum.

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Phone: (+34) 931 256 536

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