Last week we did a bathymetry express.

Field work in the morning, results at midday and decision making in the afternoon.


Last week we did an express bathymetry. A client urgently needed a bathymetry of the area closest to a breakwater, where a conventional boat cannot reach and where a company was rebuilding a dock. 
We accepted the order at the beginning of the day. We loaded the material in the car, USV and ground station, and went to the site. 
After 1h of driving we arrived at the place.

The access to the water was easy, we could put the USV in the water from a pontoon in the port and take it with the manual controller to the outside of the dock of the port. We took it to the area where we had to carry out the bathymetry and we turned on the sensors.
That day it was time to carry out multibeam bathymetry with the SB 100 Multipro, which is equipped with a Wassp S3.
In about 30 minutes we had already covered the area to be recorded, so we repeated the operation to have more points and improve the quality of the data. 
Once finished, we took the USV out of the water, cleaned it and put it back in the car. When we returned to the office, it was easy to connect to the onboard pc to work on the data obtained, and with the PC we cleaned the erroneous data and when we arrived at BCN, we already had the bathymetry done. In the office, we put the data in an official document to give to the client. 
The client was able to make a decision hours after asking for an express bathymetry.
This little story shows the speed of execution of fast and unexpected works with the use of marine USV. A few years ago it was unthinkable to obtain so many results in such a short time.

The fast deployment is a sign of identity of the SB 100 by GPA Seabots.

Field work in the morning, results at midday and decision making in the afternoon.