GPASEABOTS was born to give technological response to various problems that we currently find in the marine environment.

Our mission as a company focuses on facilitating the analysis, preservation and restoration of the marine environment through the development of products adapted to current times. This is achieved by adapting the latest technologies in various fields to a sector where historically there has been an obvious operational barrier.


Our interdisciplinary efforts allow us great agility in offering practical solutions reducing operational costs, as well as drastically increasing operator safety.

Among the different product lines developed by GPASEABOTS, we can find the new USV’s. Semi-autonomous and unmanned vehicles that operate from the surface of the water.

GPASEABOTS is a subsidiary company of GPAINNOVA, a company created in 2013 as a technology shuttle for several innovative projects, including the dry electropolishing process. World patent of recognized prestige in the metal surface finishing sector.

Currently, the GPA group has more than 75 workers among its branches in Barcelona, Miami and Shenzhen. The synergy between these two companies allows us to have interesting resources in all areas to advance more solidly in our projects.


“GPASEABOTS has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an Internationalization Plan with the objective of improving its competitive positioning abroad during the year 2019. To do this has had the support of the XPANDE Program of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. ”



​+34 931 256 536

​C/ Caracas, 13-15, nau 6

​08030 Barcelona.


Cartography and bathymetric surveys


Environmental studies

Search and rescue

Engineering and hydraulic works


Aquaculture and fishing

Advertising and sporting events





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