eBlue series

Turn any Boat into an

Electric Smart Platform

The first automation and hybridization technology for recreational boats, makes it possible to automate the handling of any yacht or boat for recreational use through an autopilot system.


Thanks the use of two electric motors, it is possible to increase the autonomy of the ship, if combined with a conventional motor, or to achieve a navigation based on 100% renewable energy and zero emissions, which also makes its use completely silent.


This is how the Comfort Driving Kit works

The hybridization and automation is composed by the following components:

- Two electric motors

- High-capacity battery system

- Long range remote control

- Centimeter precision autopilot

- Full HD real-time front and rear camera

- Anti-collision sensor

Advantages of the electric and automated technology

  • Significantly improves the ease of use of common boats, either by using an intuitive control or a smartphone

  • Silent and eco-friendly navigation, if the electric motors are used

  • Increases autonomy, if the combustion engine is preserved

  • High autonomy electric motors (up to 5 hours)

  • High precision and optimized autopilot

  • Possibility of piloting the boat without a crew, in the case of the countries where the law allows it.


The Comfort Driving Kit has been jointly developed by the engineers at GPASEABOTS and by the company POWER INNOTECH, a start-up specialized in high-performance electronic solutions and acquired by GPAINNOVA in November 2020. The work has been carried out entirely at the facilities of the business group in Barcelona.