Cases studies

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3 bathymetric surveys in 3 days in Majorca

With a SB 100 PRO equipped with a WASSP Multibeam Echo-sounder S3R, GPASEABOTS carried out three missions in only three days, at coves and ports along the coast of Majorca. These operations included bathymetric surveys, seabed mapping, location of mooring piles and seagrass mapping. Find out more about this case study here.


Mooring Inspection: SB 100 PRO + WASSP Multibeam Echo-sounder

In December 2021, the Club de Vela Blanes (Costa Brava, Girona, Spain) required GPASEABOTS to locate and map submerged structures and mooring piles. The operation was carried out in less than three hours, using a SB 100 PRO —the most versatile compact USV on the market— equipped with a WASSP multibeam echo-sounder. Download the following PDF file for free to know more details about the mission.


SB100 + WASSP S3R by Furuno

GPASEABOTS was required to carry out a mooring inspection at the Port of Aiguadolç, in Sitges (Barcelona). For data acquisition, we choose our SB 100 PRO, the smallest multipurpose USV on the market, and equipped it with Furuno’s multibeam echo-sounder WASSP SR3. This combination allowed us to check if the position of the moorings was correct according to the technical specifications. Learn more here about this case of success.


SB100 + NORBIT iWBMSe in collaboration with Toyser

SB 100 PRO can integrate Norbit iWBMSe, a multibeam turnkey solution for high-resolution bathymetric surveys over a wide swath. This is the perfect choice for sheltered waters, since it offers streamlined operability and good performance to match budget and project requirements. Learn more about the trial we carried out at the Port of Barcelona using our USVs and this payload.


MULTIBEAM ECHOSOUNDER integrated in SB 100 PRO USV for inspections & Bathymetry

Mutibeam echo-sounders are the best instrument to carry out bathymetric surveys in sheltered waters. Find out in this case study how to use a WASSP S3R Solution, an echo-sounder that can be fully integrated in our USVs, and how to obtain high-quality results in a cost-efficient way, while achieving accuracies required by international survey standards.


Water Analysis & Multibeam Bathymetric Surveys in a Commercial Harbor

In 2021, the Port of Barcelona tested two water drones designed and manufactured by GPASEABOTS. The mission was a part of a joint project to create an aquatic drone that meets the port's needs concerning hydrography, water analysis, surveillance, research, search and rescue (SAR), and cleaning. Discover further details here.


Express Bathymetric Surveys in a Single Day

The SB 100 PRO can carry out urgently needed bathymetric surveys. This multipurpose platform, which is designed to be equipped with a multibeam echosounder WASSP S3, is ready to carry out this kind of missions in the shortest time. Due to its ease of deployment, every company can benefit from field work in the morning, results at midday and decision making in the afternoon. Go on reading to know more.


Quick and Successful Mooring Inspection in Harbors

To make sure that a mooring apparatus remains in good condition, it must be serviced every year, or even more frequently. In order to carry out a safe and cost-effective mooring inspection, the SB 100 PRO, the most versatile USV on the market, is the perfect choice. Find out more about a mission that took place recently on the French coast.