Wide variety of applications in sheltered waters.

Wide variety of applications in sheltered waters.



Automated surveys with completely straight lines thanks to GNSS/RTK technology and our route management system.

Possibility of integrating single and multibeam sounders, as well as bottom profilers. Data acquisition and post-processing with any commercial software.



Sometimes, access to visualize certain areas is unnecessarily risky or simply not possible with other means. The use of compact USVs such as the SB100 allows for visual inspections and high quality photography or video on the surface or underwater.

Other elements such as thermal camera or thickness sensors can be easily integrated, obtaining all the information in real time from land on the Control station.




Knowing the aquatic environment instantly, or having a record of an area in different periods of time, is possible thanks to the management of routes and the possibility of establishing points for sampling with high precision. 

From bottom characterization, poseidonia density study, study of currents in the water column, sampling and parameterization of ocean variables.




In emergency situations, rapidity in the deployment of media is vital. With the size of the SB100 we can access enclaves of difficult access even on foot. 

You can program an autopilot that covers an entire area on a map, that way we make sure that we don't miss any space to explore. All information can be viewed remotely from the ground. The operating team can make the necessary decisions in real time.



Obtaining all the information of the environment before starting any project allows to optimize the planning and execution of the works.

The versatility of the SB100 allows to obtain a multitude of data quickly and accurately at a lower cost than with traditional methods.



The exploration of the seabed in search of possible archaeological remains has always been a tedious and expensive task.

With the automatic search system, we can cover large extensions without paying attention to navigation. All probe data is displayed on the ground control station.





Controlling the habitat of the farms is essential to obtain healthy specimens.

With the SB100 we can access the control points referenced from a dock or boat and take samples of the necessary parameters. At the same time, the integrated cameras will often avoid the need for diving equipment.




Unlike aerial drones, USVs allow greater autonomy, as well as obtain underwater images. This makes it ideal to cover events that take place in the aquatic environment without high costs or associated hazards.

You can install all types of cameras with their respective stabilizers and transmit that image in real time.